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Dokuji Nami Katana (Sanmai)

The Dokuji Nami katana is contuining the Thaitsuki tradition featuring a hand forged and folded high carbon steel blade with 1024 layers, this is among the upper echelon for the sword collector. Pure silver fittings with a Nami motif as well blue silk ov
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Thaitsuki Nihonto
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Product Description

The Dokuji nami katana (sanmai) is a fully functional Japanese katana and not a replica, it is considered a weapon and it is extremely sharp. This sword can easily sever a 7" thick bamboo with single stroke. The Furui shishi katana can be completely disassembled for full maintenance.

This is a Thaitsuki sword and we believe in quality over quantity. Thaitsuki Nihonto swords are hand-made, fully functional, and "battle ready" katanas. They are best suited for practice in all sword arts, completion cutting, and collecting. The Japanese Katanas, hand-made by Thaitsuki Nihonto, are of the highest quality, traditionally made and perfected for over 400 years. Thaitsuki Nihonto has been producing Japanese swords for professional collectors and practitioners of Iaido, Iaijutsu, and Kenjutsu for over 400 years!

The blade of the Dokuji nami katana (sanmai) is handmade and forged from special high carbon Japanese steel (DC53) making a strong, flexible blade with a bo hi (groove). With 2 different HRC grades on the back (40) and on the edge (60) the blade is very strong.

The tsuka (handle) is covered in white same (ray skin) and the Tsuka Ito (handle wrap) is best japanese blue silk 10mm wide silk. The tsuba is made from copper. The koiguchi is made from real buffalo horn and the handmade saya was made from dried poplar wood. The habaki and the seppa are also made from 92,5% silver and the habaki shows a sakura motif. At the end of the saya is a kojiri made from real buffalo horn.

Fuchi and Kashira are detailed in gold and polished. The menuki are made from 92,5% silver and show a pair of fish.

This samurai sword would be an incredible addition to your samurai sword collection. This fully functional sword will stand apart from anything else that you may already own.

Blade: 29-1/2"
Tsuka: 11"
Overall length: 41-1/2"
Weight: 2.6lbs

Hand forged and folded high carbon steel blade (1024 layers)
Clay tempered and water quenched blade (HRC 60-35)
Hand polished with excellent hada
Hand sharpened
Brass tsuba with swiftlet in the cloud
Silver seppa and habaki
Brass fuchi/kashira with Nami motif
Dark blue silk and ivory rayskin wrapped tsuka
Dark blue gloss finish saya with silver shinto DoMe, dark blue silk sageo and buffalo horn koiguchi
Fully functional

Product Reviews

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Family history
Jeffrey engberg (Tukwila wa) 6/14/2019 8:10 PM
Good sword, I have history with Samaria, my Nana's last name was seigo that I learned In The seattle library carried the Katana for the emperor 3000 years ago. I want to buy a Katana when I can. And my mom name is Nami so I would buy this for her when I get some more cash.
The sword
John Doe (USA ) 12/30/2018 9:53 PM
How can spend so much money on a sword with out better pictures of the blade.
A very fine blade
Todd Perciballi (upstate NY) 8/16/2017 11:37 PM
I have read many reviews on this Katana and I really think that some reviews are unfair. This katana is very well made, and is very sharp. I have many katana's in my collection and by fat this is one of my favorites.
The one
Reza (Iran) 7/23/2017 5:32 PM
I really was into Samurai...until I had a class at university about their culture..."the sword cuts like a drop of water" It's because how it is handmaded, meditation of believing that cuts throughout everything as smooth as drop of a water , 1024 times forging ... Heating, hammering, cooling and again and again That's the spirit , light, hard, flexible and unbelievable sharp.
True Mastery
Jolene Brown (Edmonton, AB) 1/12/2017 1:15 AM
I completely love this sword it is so awesome. I want to have its children!!! :D