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Tamahagane Line

Dynasty Forge's point of pride, the Daimyo Tamahagane blades are made using high-carbon Tamahagane iron sand, the traditional ingredient of the true Japanese sword. This sets our swords apart, as it is very rare for blades to be made outside Japan with this material. By sourcing our Tamahagane from China, we can create a superior product at a fair price. Our Daimyo Tamahagane swords appeal to the discerning eye and a deft hand - every feature and detail is testimony to the harmony and balance inherent in centuries-old tradition.

Through the process of breaking and combining high and low-carbon pieces during forging, Tamahgane becomes malleable, allowing the smith to hand-forge a blade that absorbs shock while maintaining an excellent edge. This Hada shows as an even grain in the blade's exquisitely refined surface and the clay-tempered Hamon contrasted through a careful hand-polish on Japanese stones. The close adherence to a traditional esthetic, in both the blade and the fittings, is typical of Dynasty Forge's mission.

1095 Line

The Daimyo 1095 line is the quintessence of a Japanese sword - beauty and function perfectly united. This is a result of a sophisticated process, revealing a Japanese weapon's traditional form enclosed in a hand-forged blade, brought to a deadly and beautiful mirror finish. At the heart of this blade is a high-carbon steel, a material so pure it does not demand the folding techniques used to removed impurities from lesser metal. The 1095 blades exhibit outstanding durability, a superior edge and the ability to outperform traditional materials.

Efficient and meticulously crafted, the Daimyo 1095 line is hand-polished from imported Japanese stones. As they sharpen and clean the blade, our polishers bring out the subtle details of the smith's metalwork. This intensive polishing defines the lines of the blade and enlivens the Hamon, the fine grain of the steel and its color and texture.

These high-performance weapons exude superior balance and craftsmanship. Our 1095 blades are available from 28.5” to 32.5” in length. The blades with Hi are ideal for the practice of Iaido, at 2.2lbs with fittings. Without Hi, the blades are made from the ground up for Tameshigiri, including added Niku and mass (2.6lbs).

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Tamahagane Katana with Bo-Hi in Silver Bamboo (Sunburst) 29"
MSRP $2,500.00
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Tamahagane Katana with Bo-Hi in Silver Bamboo (Sunburst) 29"