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The Cold Steel Company prides itself on using traditional parts and fittings for its swords forged by traditional Eastern swordsmiths. This dedication to authenticity along with the sheer power and strength of their blades makes Cold Steel swords extremely desirable to collectors.

Cold Steel swords and knives are known for their toughness. For instance, a knife in their Tanto series has been tested by being repeatedly thrust through a car door with no damage suffered by the tip of the blade. To achieve this power without breaking or marring Cold Steel uses a steel lamination process known as San Mai III. “San Mai” means, “three layers” and refers to the fact that laminated sword construction can allow various grades (or layers) of steel to be combined in a single blade. Combining layers in this way allows for maximum flexibility (on outside layers of the blade so it won't shatter when struck in battle) with strength (at the blade's core with a higher carbon steel).

Many Cold Steel blades are also made from Carbon V, a high carbon, low alloy cutlery grade steel. The quality of Carbon V makes it extremely strong due to a smelting process which involves Cold Steel metallurgists maintaining an exact microstructure of the steel. After smelting, every shipment is checked for structural quality, cleanliness and chemical content before being optimized for grain flow along the length of the blade. Finally, a unique heat treating process (a highly guarded trade secret) is applied to every blade, ensuring a durability and beauty unmatched in many of Cold Steel's rivals.

Cold Steel swords are very popular for functional purposes (in the dojo) or for test cutting (an ancient practice known as tamashigeri where a sword's quality was tested by cutting the bodies of corpses or criminals—straw mats or bamboo are used today). The quality of the steel in their blades denotes a high carbon content (as in the Tanto series) versus stainless steel which can be attractive to look at but does not have the durability needed to withstand the rigors of battle.

Cold Steel

Cold Steel is a California based manufacturer of knives, swords, and other edged tools and weapons. Their products are manufactured in the U.S., Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Africa. Known for the “World’s Strongest, Sharpest Knives.” Cold Steel’s swords are known to be quite tough and durable as well. Featuring a range of samurai swords with a wide price range, Cold Steel probably has a sword in your budget.

Cold Steel Katana

Unlike other manufacturers in the business, Cold Steel is known for creating “Proof videos” that test their products under extreme conditions. These videos show trained professionals proving their knives and swords toughness. Different katana models have been shown to cut through meat effortlessly, as well as bend and flex to insane angles, but the blade still maintains its shape. The videos are meant to prove to customers Cold Steel’s durability and sharpness.

The swords that Cold Steel make are very popular for functional purposes. They can be found in the dojo, and they are great cutting blades. Consumers can visit the Cold Steel website to look at and purchase the products that they have to offer. Their products can also be purchased from dealers websites as well.

Cold Steel features three lines of different samurai swords for individuals to choose from. This includes the Warrior Series, the Dragonfly Series, and the Emperor Series. The Warrior Series katana are the least expensive of the three, with dealer prices ranging from a little under $300 to a little over $400.

The Dragonfly Series was created to fill the need where consumers were requesting a longer and thicker blade. The Dragonfly Series katana is wider, heavier, and thicker than typical Japanese katanas. The Dragonfly Series is intended to accommodate the needs of today’s warriors, and this katana model costs around $600 from a dealer, whereby buying directly from Cold Steel will cost $900.

The Emperor Series is the final line of samurai weapons that Cold Steel offers. Featuring a fully sharpened 1055 carbon steel blade, this katana is great for cutting and slicing. All of the samurai swords that Cold Steel offers are very reliable, tough, and durable. Watching any of their videos will prove this to you. The blades that Cold Steel make are ones that consumers can count on to last, seeing as each series is made with 1055 carbon steel.

Since Cold Steel is the manufacturer and owner of their three katana series, you can easily go to their website and buy one their swords directly from them. This makes it very easy to get your hands on one of the different Cold Steel samurai swords that they have to offer. Yet, if you are looking to get a little bit of a discount on one of their swords, there are also vendors online that sell Cold Steel products. However, as you might guess, not buying directly from the manufacturer could result in you purchasing a fake sword.

Thus, the best method or way to give yourself some peace of mind that you aren’t getting ripped off is to do your research if you are deciding to buy a Cold Steel katana from a vendor. You should consider scanning the various online sword forums for information on where you can find Cold Steel’s high quality swords at discount prices.

Of course, too much of a discount is probably a bad thing. As with most things, if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure you don’t fall for the gimmicks and scams of some online sellers who are offering Cold Steel katanas at unreal prices. You should do your research on the value of the sword you are looking at buying to make sure you are paying the right amount. You should make sure that the vendor you decide to purchase from has some type of Cold Steel sword exchange or return policy if you think its quality is in question.

Besides the price, the next way to determine that your Cold Steel samurai sword is authentic is by examining the blade. Your katana blade should be curved. Also, all Cold Steel samurai sword blades are made of 1055 carbon steel. Thus, if your blade is made of stainless steel, it is most certainly a fake. Ultimately, the blade of your katana is the most important part of your weapon. Having a stainless steel blade will not hold up. This type of steel is not tough enough to be used for cutting. Also, a stainless steel blade would not null the fact of your katana being battle ready.

How to Care for Your Cold Steel Sword

The quality and functionality of your Cold Steel sword can only be achieved through maintaining it. Even though this does not require much work, keeping up with the maintenance of your sword helps to improve the longevity of your blade. It also does not matter if you are using your sword as a decoration piece or to practice Kenjutsu. Remember that your sword serves as a piece of art and as a symbol that requires respect and care. In order for your blade to last, it needs to be maintained.

The first thing you need to always do after you are done using your Cold Steel sword is to place it in its scabbard or saya. By doing so, you will protect your blade from long exposure to air that can corrode. Using your scabbard will also help your blade keep its shape. The final reason why you should do it is for safety reasons. If nothing else, leaving an unsheathed blade out in the open after use could cause a very preventable injury to occur. Cold Steel samurai swords are very sharp, and some believe that they are the sharpest katanas available straight out of the box. Thus, you should just be safe and put your sword away when it is not being used.

Another tip that you should adhere to is that you want to avoid touching your Cold Steel sword’s blade as much as possible. Since your hands produce oils that could ruin your blade over time, try not to touch your blade as much as possible. Make sure that you keep your hand-to-blade contact to a minimum, and clean your blade with oil after touching it. You can use a natural or synthetic oil to clean your blade. Some natural oils that you could use include mineral, clove, and camellia. When it comes to synthetics, silicone oil in a spray bottle will do the job.  Remember to oil your Cold Steel blade once a month to keep it in good and working condition.

Now that you know the basics on caring for your Cold Steel sword, you should know some ways that you can damage or break it. First off, you shouldn’t try to cut extremely hard objects with it. Do not try and cut down large tree trunks or branches with your Cold Steel sword. Your sword was not designed to handle these types of cutting tasks. To cut down large trees, you should use an axe instead. With your Cold Steel blade, you can perform a number of cutting tasks with them. Look at their proof videos online if you are looking to cut through other objects besides water bottles and milk jugs. Finally, make sure to remember to oil your Cold Steel blade every 6 months if you are storing your katana for an extended period.

Sharpening and Displaying Your Sword

When it comes to sharpening your Cold Steel samurai sword, it is best to leave this task to the professionals. Do some research to find a professional in your area who is certified and knows how to sharpen your sword correctly. Yet, being known for having some of the sharpest blades coming right out of the box, your razor sharp Cold Steel blade should not have to be sharpened for a long time.

When displaying your Cold Steel samurai sword on a horizontal stand, make sure that the edge of your blade is facing up. Doing so will prevent your blade from becoming damaged inside your scabbard. When it comes to the direction to face your handle, your individual preference is what matters most. There is no correct way to display your sword, so go with what suits you.

In Conclusion


It is important to keep in mind the fact that your Cold Steel samurai sword is a very dangerous weapon. Remember that these swords are battle ready, which means they can severely injure or kill someone. You should know how to handle your sword responsibly to prevent severe injury or even death from occurring. Before you purchase your Cold Steel samurai sword, make sure that you do your research and buy from a reputable vendor if you decide to not buy directly. Finally, make sure that you keep up with the maintenance of your blade in order to make it last a lifetime.