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What does Bushido mean?

Bushido, which literally means “military scholar road,” is a Japanese word that describes the way of the samurai. The word originates from a samurai’s moral values. Today, Bushido is usually translated to “Way of the Warrior,” and it refers to the chivalry and loyalty that the samurai expressed towards their masters. As a previously unwritten code, author Nitobe Inazo helped recognize the virtues of Bushido in his 1899 book titled, Bushido: The Soul of Japan. In the book, Inazo interprets the samurai code of behavior as how well-mannered men should act in their personal and professional lives.

The seven virtues of Bushido as interpreted by Nitobe Inazo include: rectitude or justice, courage, benevolence, respect, honesty, honor, and loyalty.

Bushido Katana

Each of the different katanas made by Bushido features a differently tempered, high carbon steel blade which is known to be extremely sharp. Bushido katanas are also hand forged by sword smiths who have a great deal of experience. What is also great about the Bushido brand is that their swords are fully functional and battle ready.

Customers can find Bushido swords on a number of different vendor’s websites.

One of the most popular Bushido katana on the market is the Bushido Blood Dragon. The sword is hand forged and is considered to be one of the most beautiful crafted katanas made that is also fully functional. This sword features a blood red ito over black rayskin and an authentic Mother of Pearl inlaid on the scabbard (saya).

Featuring a blade made of CS1045 carbon steel, forged and sharpened by hand, this sword is also created by following an ancient Japanese Maru technique. This fully functional samurai sword is sure to please, and it can be found online for about $200.

Swords of The East is the official vendor of Bushido swords, and is the best way to get your hands on one of their katana . Swords Of The East only sells first quality samurai swords from Bushido. 

The first thing you should do before buying a Bushido sword is to do some research. After locating the sword that you are looking to purchase, make sure you are paying the right price for the katana. You should be paying anywhere from $100-250, depending on the specific sword you are looking at. Stay away from purchasing your Bushido sword from eBay. This is because a number of the swords listed by eBay sellers are fake or knock-off swords.

Besides researching the price of your Bushido sword, you can tell if you have an authentic one by examining the blade and other parts of the sword. Depending on the Bushido katana you purchase, most blades are made from high quality carbon steel and feature a unique and prominent hamon. Again, by researching what your katana’s blade should look like, you’ll know if the Bushido sword you bought is an authentic.

How to Care for Your Bushido Sword

The quality and functionality of your Bushido sword can only be achieved through maintaining it properly. Even though this does not require much work, keeping up with the maintenance of your sword helps to improve the longevity of your Bushido blade. Understand that it does not matter if you are using your sword as a decoration piece or practicing Kenjutsu. In the name of Bushido and in respect to the samurai, you must respect and care for katana. Your blade will not last if it is not cared for properly.

The first thing you need to always do after you are done using your Bushido sword is to place it in its specific scabbard or saya. By doing so, you will protect your blade from air that could cause corrosion if it is left exposed for a long period of time. Using your scabbard will also help your blade from losing its specific shape. Yet, if nothing else, do it for the safety of you and your family. Leaving an unsheathed blade out in the open after use could cause a very preventable injury to occur to anyone. Bushido samurai swords are hand sharpened, meaning that they are razor sharp swords. Place your katana in your scabbard to keep your weapon from getting damaged and from potentially causing injury.

Another tip that you should ingrain into your brain is that you want to avoid touching your Bushido sword’s blade as much as possible. Since your hands produce oils that could ruin your blade over time, try not to touch your blade as much as possible. Make sure that you keep your hand-to-blade contact to a minimum and always clean your blade with oil after touching it. You can use a natural or synthetic oil to clean your blade. Some natural oils that you could use include mineral, clove, and camellia. When it comes to synthetics, silicone oil in a spray bottle will do the job.  Oil your Bushido blade at least once every month to keep it in good and working condition.


Storing Your Bushido Sword

Once your katana is placed within its scabbard or saya, prop it up in a corner or place it on a stand for safe keeping. Make sure that it is left in a dry, cool place. The place where you decide to store your Bushido sword should have a low humidity and heat. If not, your katana could get damaged.

Finally, you should remember to always oil your katana before storing it for a long period of time. Apply a light coat of oil to your blade before storing your sword for an extended period of time. If you decide to store your katana for a very long period, make sure you take it out every six months to oil the blade.

How to Sharpen and Display Your Bushido Sword

When it comes to sharpening your Bushido samurai sword, it is best to leave this task to the professionals. Do some research online to find a professional in your area who is certified and knows how to sharpen your katana correctly. Since Bushido swords are already razor sharp, it is highly unlikely that you will need to get your blade sharpened frequently.

If you decide to display your Bushido samurai sword on a horizontal stand, make sure that you place the blade facing up. If you do not do this, your blade could become damaged inside your scabbard or saya. Yet, when it comes to deciding the direction that your handle faces, it is more of a matter of preference than correctness. Without a true “right” or “correct” way to display the handle of your sword, you should just go with what suits you and which look you like more.

A Look Back

It is important to reiterate the fact that your Bushido samurai sword is a very dangerous weapon. Ultimately, you need to remember that these swords are battle ready, meaning that are capable of severely injuring or even killing someone. You should learn how to properly handle a samurai sword and know that it is a weapon that can be very dangerous. Only individuals who are responsible and know how to use their katana properly should handle them.

Other than the safety to concerns, you should make sure that you do your research before buying your Bushido samurai sword. It is very important that you purchase your new katana from a well respected and reputable vendor. Finally, once you have your new katana, make sure you remember to take care of it. By properly maintaining your weapon and caring for it properly, it will last a very long time.