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Bushido Black Damascus Katana

Black saya
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$240.00 (65 %)

Product Description

42.5" Overall Length
27.5" Blade
10.75" Handle

Hand Forged bladk damascus blade with bleed grove
Zinc aluminum guard and fittings
Black cord wrapped handle with black real ray skin
Matt finished black wood sheath
Includes purple silk gift box

These black samurai swords look deadly and lethal. This is a fully functional battle ready samurai sword that you will love the unique look and feel. This is a powerful weapon.

Product Reviews

(527 Ratings, 10 Reviews) Average Rating:
So much love
Franklin Williams (Buckeye Lake, OH) 12/17/2019 11:19 PM
I am in love with this sword, it a pure black blade, that's actually durable and sharp, very very happy I got it
Nice Ten Ryu sword
Sebastien Tremblay (Québec, CANADA) 4/13/2016 11:58 PM
J'ai commandé cette arme le 18 mars 2016 et reçu à ma porte 3 semaines plus tard. Juste WOW!! Le colis a été emballé dans 3 boites, dont une identifié Ten Ryu, absoluement rien à dire sur le Package 10/10. La sword est assez pesante, elle doit peser un bon 4 lb.. Du premier coup d’œil, la lame m'a l'air de tres bonne qualité, elle est droite et courbée parfaitement.. Bref, je suis très content de mon achat.. un petit 147 dollars canadien bien investi. Je recommande fortement cette article .. en solde ou pas, c'est pas de la merde. Si ce review vous aide à faire votre choix d'achat, bien content.
master of steel
Martin Madland (st.augustine) 1/26/2016 9:47 AM
I must say... this blade is one of the finest that I have ever seen. Remember, this Katana is marked down from all most 400 dollars. It is worth every cent priced at 400.00. Wicked bad, superpendis, awesomeness in a sheath. The day glow blood red in the metal isn't even mentioned. This gives the entire Katana something really special ! S.O.T.E. works 100 % with you and ALWAYS works for you. I will give them all my future business!
100 % Worth the money
Martin Madland (st.augustine) 1/25/2016 5:50 PM
Very well made Katana, solid. The black ray skin is awesome. The Damascus blade has a blood red tint running inside the black.The box is bamboo with very nice hinges and lined in an orange linen. The curve on the blade is extreme , very sharp.This sword is balanced and very light.I would love to larp with this and see some heads roll! Swords of the East went the extra mile, this was back ordered and the owner made sure that it got to me ASAP! This is my third Katana and I'm very happy and pleased with the company.I can't say enough about this sword. One word, Pleased.
Great quality
Josh (US) 11/30/2015 12:35 PM
The visible folds in the picture are a little bit more prominent than my blade is. However this sword is still sharp and durable enough to cut through the cardboard box it came in. The sword is extremely tight and difficult to remove from the scabbard (70% of my thumb's power.) Not a big concern for me though as it only really effects draw speed. Overall I enjoyed this black sword.