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Dynasty Forge Bushi Class

 Forge-Folded Line Elevated Aesthetics, 9000+ Layers • 1095 Hybrid Line High Performance Cutters

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Forge-Folded Line - 1095/1085/1060
Elevated Aesthetics, 9000+ Layers

Over time, the Japanese sword came to function not only as a weapon but as a symbol of the Bushi, the Japanese warrior class known as the Samurai. In the mid-price range, the Bushi Modern Forge-Folded swords are ideal for those who admire and appreciate traditional Japanese esthetics. Our Bushi class unites meticulous craftsmanship with modern metallurgical techniques to create blades that clearly exhibit the traditional Hada and Hamon. The tri-steel blades (1095/1085/1060) are forge-folded eight to ten times, hand-forged to shape, clay-tempered and machine-polished to a brilliant finish. It is this reflection of a long-established authentic process that gains these weapons an appreciation from sword enthusiasts at all levels.

1095 Hybrid Line
High Perfromance Cutters             

The Hybrid Line is not a folded steel, but rather the same hand-forged 1095 high carbon steel as in the Daimyo 1095 line, but without the more expensive, labor intensive hand-stone polish. This leaves the hybrid line in an accessible price range, delivering the finest hand-forged weapons to the mid-range Bushi class. The Dynasty Forge Bushi Class offers great value while remaining faithful to the principles of superior Japanese sword design and esthetics of machine polished, differentially clay tempered blades.


The Dynasty Forge Bushi Line

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