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Ryumon Swords are known for their strength, durability, sharpness, and cutting ability. Each sword forged in the city of Longquan, China. This city is known for creating some of the world’s finest swords. In fact, it has been called the “City of Treasure Sword.” Ryumon Swords are a fully functional Samurai Sword, and they are ready for battle when you are.

About Longquan

Longquan lies in the border area of South Zheijang and the Longquan Mountain. This location is very rich in raw materials for sword making. Some of the materials include itabirite ore, polishing stone, and an abundance of charcoal to fuel the forging process.

Sword making in Longquan can be traced all the way back to the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476BC). Ou Yezi, a talented sword craftsman in that time, forged five swords for Gan Jiang and King Zhao of Chu. He also made three swords for King Goujian of Yue. It is said that his legendary sword making techniques and methods have been passed down through generations. He also became famous for making the first renowned “Longquan Sword.”

The four characteristics that have evolved from the Longquan Sword include: “sharp and tough, flexible and strong, glittered coldly, and exquisite.” The master craftsmen who reside in Longquan produce high quality Samurai swords by combining their contemporary knowledge with traditional sword making secrets. These swords feature an exquisite craftsmanship, seeing as these master craftsmen have many years of experience.

Ryumon Tantos and Katanas

These swords feature exceptional quality at a very affordable price. The typical price range of Ryumon Swords is from $100-500. The price of a Ryumon Sword is dependent on the blade and what you are looking for in your sword. The typical options that you have when choosing your Ryumon Sword depends on if you want a tanto or katana.

Tanto, meaning “short blade,” is commonly referred to as a knife or dagger. It is designed as a stabbing weapon. If you are looking for a short sword of only 15 to 30cm, this weapon is a great companion to a katana. The katana, which is commonly referred to as a “samurai sword,” is distinctive in its appearance. The blade of a katana sword is curved, slender, and single-edged.

Help for Spotting a Fake

When it comes to buying any type of sword, it is especially important to be able to spot an original from a fake. One of the biggest ways to spot a fake Ryumon Sword is by looking at the price that the person is trying to sell it for. Depending on the actual Ryumon Sword in question, you should expect to be paying anywhere from $100-500 on authentic Ryumon brand sword. Paying anything less for one of these swords should definitely raise some red flags. Swords Of The East only sells authentic Ryumon Swords! You need to be careful on places like ebay etc, but you have nothing to worry about when shopping with us!

If you are looking to by a Ryumon sword to add to a collection, for practical use, or just to display it, you will still want to make sure that you bought an authentic one. The next place to determine a real katana from a fake is by taking a look at the blade. A real katana sword’s blade will not have been treated with anything. For instance, the blade should not be made of stainless steel. Also, the blade should be curved if it is a katana sword.

The type of metal a sword is made out of is probably the most important elements to buying a sword. A sword make of high-carbon steel is the only choice for a fully functioning samurai sword. Authentic Ryumon sword blades will be made with high-carbon steel. Aluminum or stainless steel blades are only suitable for decoration or practice. Cutting something with a stainless steel blade can be extremely dangerous, because the blade is not strong enough and will break. This can put you in danger of getting hit with sharp metal shards. Thus, only heat-forged, high carbon steel can be used for cutting. If the blade has been hand-forged or folded, that will make the blade even stronger.

Sword Maintenance

Your high quality carbon steel sword will require occasional care and maintenance to preserve its functionality and quality. As a decoration piece or training device, you need to make sure to keep your Ryumon sword in good working order. A true katana is piece of art and was expertly crafted by a sword smith who put a lot of work into it. Unlike your kitchen knives, they cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher and thrown back in the drawer. These pieces need to proper maintenance and care in order to last.

One thing that you should always do after using your Ryumon Sword is to always put it back in its scabbard (saya) when you are done. Doing so will protect your blade from long exposure to corrosive air. Placing your sword in its scabbard also helps with keeping the blade’s curve. Finally, you should place your sword in its scabbard just as a safety precaution.

Another thing you do not want to do is frequently touch your blade with your hands. Your hands produce oils that could damage your blade over time. Instead of touching your Ryumon blade regularly, you should be oiling it. Use natural or synthetic oil. Examples of natural oils include mineral oil, clove oil, and camellia. As for synthetics, silicone oil in a spray works well. You should oil your Ryumon blade once a month.

Now that you know the basics on how to care for your Ryumon Sword, you should know some things that you should not do with it. For starters, do not try to cut extremely hard objects with it. Do not go around hacking at large tree trunks or branches with your samurai sword. Yes, your Ryumon Sword is tough and durable, but it wasn’t designed to chop down trees. This is what an axe is for. Cutting into some extremely hard objects could permanently damage your Ryumon Sword or even break it.

Storing Your Ryumon Sword

As mentioned earlier, when you are not using your Ryumon Sword, always store the sword blade down inside your saya. For safe keeping, prop it up in a corner or place it on a stand. Keep your Ryumon Sword in a dry, cool place. This location should have a low humidity and low heat.

Before storing your sword, always remember to oil it. You should apply a light coat of oil before storing it for an extended period of time. If you do not use your sword that often, re-oil it about every six months. Most Ryumon Swords come with a maintenance kit

Sharpening the Blade

You should really leave this to the professionals. By doing a little research online, you should be able to find a professional in your area to sharpen your blade for you. Remember that this not like sharpening a pocket knife, and your Ryumon Sword is not a toy. Sharpening your sword on your own could not only be very dangerous, but you also might end up damaging or breaking your blade.

Displaying Your Sword

If you would like to display your Ryumon Sword over a horizontal stand, you should make sure that the edge of the blade is facing up. Thus, the sword should be curving down. This is the correct way to display your sword, and it will prevent your blade from becoming damaged in your scabbard. When it comes to the handle, it is more of matter of preference. If you have your handle placed to the right, many say that it is more easily able to be drawn from this stand. This is seen by some as aggression. When the handle is faced to the left, many believe that this implies peace. In all reality, it all depends on what you like best.

The Ryumon Brand

Ryumon serves as a great brand for the beginner swordsman as well as the experienced. These swords are fully functional and sharpened, and they are also very affordable. If you are just beginning to start collecting samurai swords and are looking for some good options, Ryumon has you covered.

A Reminder

Remember that samurai swords are very dangerous weapons. If they are not handled correctly, they can hurt or even kill people. You should learn how to handle a samurai sword responsibly, and you should always use supervision when using one. You should also make sure that you abide by the samurai sword laws that are present in your state. If you take care of sword, and also are responsible with it, you will enjoy it for a lifetime.

Finally, before purchasing your Ryumon sword, make sure that it is authentic. By doing a little research, you will be able to ensure the fact that you are buying an original sword that is not fake. Check the price of the sword in question and make sure that you are paying for a high carbon steel blade. Do your homework to ensure yourself that you aren’t getting ripped off.