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Masahiro Samurai Swords has the largest amount of inexpensive swords on the market today that are also fully functional. This brand of samurai swords is a great place for beginners to start collecting their swords or begin practicing. Masahiro not only makes affordable katana, but they also have build-your-own katana sets and cleaning/sharpening kits.

About Masahiro

With the average price range of Masahiro swords ranging from $60-150, the price you pay for their products is worth it.

Masahiro Katana

Since there is not an official Masahiro sword website, the only way to find Masahiro products is through various vendors on the Internet. Swords Of The East carries their full line, at the best prices. Swords Of The East is the official source for all Masahiro swords.  Because of this, the only real issue with Masahiro swords is the quality that some vendors send to their customers. Don't get ripped off by other sites/ Since the brand is relatively inexpensive, it is important to really do your research on the vendor you want to buy a Masahiro brand product from.

Most consider the low priced Masahiro katana to be worth the money. Many Swords of The East customers love masahiro swords, these katana receive good reviews. These samurai swords are known for their handling and ability to be used for cutting practice, so they are a perfect sword to start out with. Masahiro katana are capable of cutting paper, water bottles, and milk jugs. Great for cutting practice, Masahiro creates a great option for those looking to get a hard working katana without breaking the bank.

How to Avoid a Fake

Now that you know that the typical range of Masahiro products range from $60-150, you should know what you should be expecting to pay from a vendor. Paying anything less than within this range for a Masahiro sword should raise some red flags.

When it comes to buying any samurai sword, the first factor that could mean the difference between purchasing an authentic or knock-off lies on the price tag. As a consumer, you are surely looking to find the best deal out there. But when it comes to sword buying, if the price seems too good to be true, it typically is. Instead of paying a lot less for a “Masahiro” sword that is not of the brand’s quality, do your research. When people want to save money, it is easy to fall into the trap of buying something that could be a fake.

Seeing as the quality control of Masahiro products is currently an issue, it is even more necessary to do your research. You should look through online forums and find a reputable vendor that you can trust. You should also make sure that the vendor offers some form of customer service that includes a return or exchange policy if you are unhappy with the quality of your Masahiro sword.

Besides price, the next way to determine if you are buying an authentic Masahiro katana is to make sure that the blade is curved. Your blade should also be made of carbon steel. If the blade is made of stainless steel, it is definitely a fake. The blade is the most important piece of your katana, so you need to make sure that it is made of carbon steel. If it is not, it will not be able to stand up to cutting and will most likely break on you. As a general rule, if your sword is not made of carbon steel, you do not have a fully functional katana. Finally, if your blade is made of stainless steel, this could be extremely dangerous. When cutting, your blade could break into metal shards that could severely injure you. Thus, make sure your vendor is supplying you with a Masahiro sword with a carbon steel blade.

Sword Maintenance and Care for Your Masahiro Sword

To ensure the quality and functionality of your Masahiro sword, you need to make sure that you maintain it. This does not require much work, but really helps to improve the longevity of your sword. No matter if you are using your Masahiro katana as a decoration piece or to practice cutting, you need to take care of it. Remember that your katana is a piece of art, and it was crafted by a sword smith who took a lot of time and effort to create your katana. This means you should not treat your sword like some ordinary kitchen knife. In order for your blade to last, it needs to be cared for.

One thing that you should always do after you are done using your Masahiro sword is to put it back in its scabbard or saya. By doing so, you will protect your blade from long exposure to air that can corrode it. Your scabbard also helps to keep your blade from reshaping. Finally, you should do it just as a safety concern. If nothing else, leaving an unsheathed blade out in the open after use could cause a very preventable accident to occur. 

Something that you want to avoid as much as possible is touching your Masahiro blade. Since your hands produce oils that could ruin your blade over time, it is best to not touch it as much as possible. Thus, you want to keep your hand-to-blade contact to a minimum. Yet, you should be oiling it. Use natural or synthetic oil. Some natural oils that you could use include mineral, clove, and camellia. When it comes to synthetics, silicone oil in a spray works well. Oil your Masahiro blade once a month to keep your sword in good condition.


Storing and Displaying Your Masahiro Sword

Once your sword is placed within its scabbard or saya, for safe keeping prop it up in a corner or place it on a stand. You will want to make sure that your Masahiro sword is left in a dry, cool place. Your storing location should have a low humidity and heat, otherwise your blade could get warped or damaged.

Remember to always oil your katana before storing it for a long period of time. Apply a light coat of oil before storing your sword for an extended period of time. If your sword is going to be stored for an extended period of time, re-oil it about every six months.

If you would like to display your Masahiro sword over a horizontal stand, you should make sure that the edge of the blade is facing up. Thus, your sword should be curving down. This is the correct way to display your sword, and it will prevent your blade from becoming damaged in your scabbard. When it comes to the direction of your handle, it is more of matter of preference than correctness. If you have your handle placed to the right, many say that it is more easily able to be drawn from this stand. This is seen by some as meaning aggression. When the handle is faced to the left, many believe that this implies peace. In all reality, it all depends on what you like the best and what your personal taste is.

Sharpening Your Katana

When it comes to sharpening any samurai sword, it is best to leave this task to the professionals. By doing a little research, you should be able to find a professional in your area who is certified and knows how to sharpen your Masahiro sword. Understand that your sword is not a toy, and this type of sharpening is not like sharpening a pocket knife. Attempting to sharpen your sword by yourself could not only be very dangerous, but it may result in you permanently damaging or breaking your blade.

A Look Back

Regardless of what samurai sword you own, remember that they are very dangerous weapons. Make sure that you handle them properly and responsibly to prevent severe injury or even death. You should also make sure that you keep your sword in good working order to increase its lifetime.

Before purchasing your Masahiro sword, do your research and make sure you getting an authentic. Make sure the blade is made of carbon steel and that you are buying from a reputable vendor who guarantees the quality of their products.