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Musashi SS676
Musashi Katana Japanese Samurai Sword
This Musashi Katana Japanese Samurai Sword made by Musashi Swords features a strong thick blade of carbon steel with a razor sharp edge that is great for cutting.
MSRP: $99.00
Your Price: $59.99
You Save: $39.01 (39 %)

Detailed Description

These Musashi Samurai Swords are great swords to add to a collection. They are fully functional and battle ready.

Musashi Katana Japanese Samurai Sword

* Thick, hand honed, carbon steel blade (Razor sharp)
* Now with bo hi
* Metal Musashi "double rings" tsuba
* Black cotton cord wrapped tsuka (double pegged)
* Black lacquered wood saya with metal throat
* Comes with black sword bag
* Well balanced
* Good cutter


Blade: 27"
Handle: 11"
Overall: 39 1/2"
Weight: 2 Lbs

This samurai sword is a very popular choice for a high quality and affordable sword.
These Katanas are economical in every sense but still functional. The blades were created using carbon steel that was through tempered for a consistent hardness. The sword is hand honed sharpened and can be disassembled. Awesome looking display sword that can be used as a light duty cutter at an unbelievable price.

This sword measures 40.75 inches overall with the scabbard on and 40" inches without. Sword is made with all steel fittings. The scabbard of the sword is wooden with a black finish. Wrapped around the upper half of the sheath is a black sage-o with a black kurigata. The blade is made out of carbon steel measuring 26 inches in length. The handle has imitation Ray skin wrapped grip & Black cotton cord wrap. The blade is full tang that is held inside the handle with a wooden pegs. This functional sword has a 1.25" wide blade with a 0.25" thickness that tapers to the tip at 3/16 inches. Sword comes with a sword wrap as pictured. Don't let the price of this sword deceive as this sword is sharp and fully functional. Awesome looking display sword that can be used as a light duty cutter at an unbelievable price.

Availability: In Stock, Ships Immediately.

Product Reviews

(125 Ratings, 6 Reviews) Average Rating:
Jose A Nieves Jr. (United states of america) 2/21/2014 2:41 PM
First time buying a Katana for a price in which nobody can't match! Outstanding workmanship, quality, shipment, customer service! Thanks too James C. and SOTE, I'm a very satisfied customer for life! Can't wait to purchase another SOTE sword in the future!
Johnny H. (Farmville, VA.) 9/10/2013 11:16 PM
For the price, you can't do better. $60 sword, but worth much, much more! Everything is tight, strong, fits snugly, and is of good quality. Very happy with this purchase!
Excellent Katana
Steve (San Francisco) 11/25/2011 11:50 AM
I just ordered 8 of these for groomsmen gifts and they were all blown away by them. They are really cool swords. I would have believed they were much more expensive.
Must have!
Mike (San Diego) 8/23/2011 10:30 PM
So when swinging a bokken around just doesn't 'cut' it anymore, ya gotta upgrade to a 'battle ready' katana. This sword is perfect for backyard tameshigiri. Though not RAZOR sharp, I'd call it functionally sharp. If your form sucks, foam noodles and water bottles will flop/fly mockingly. Get a good slice with control...this sword impresses. Just today I put a slight nick in the blade (easy repair) with a poorly aimed strike at a 'vitamin water' bottle (large mouth/cap, thick plastic at rim) and sliced thru the cap at the thickest point of plastic. Firm swing, controlled and not wild, and the top flew off with a *zing* while the bottle remained. This blade ain't for whacking tree branches, but does just fine with water filled bottles, foam noodles and cheap-o beach mats (I get 'em for $.99!) ...oh yeah...based on appearances alone, habaki and tsuka, saya, and gorgeous (though fake) hamon on the blade, worth far far more than $50 +s/h. You could buy a bunch and sell 'em to friends for $100, and they would still think it's a great deal.
great deal
Craig (Birmingham, AL) 9/21/2010 1:01 PM
Staff was great in informing me about the deal. I was greatly surprised at the quality vs. price of this katana. Would recommend to anyone wanting a low cost entry or above level sword. Great folks to deal with and ULTRA fast shipping.


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